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 The wine and hiking paradise Sasbachwalden 

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Sasbachwalden known for its manifold flower decorations and good wines is situated on the west bias of the Black Forest. Sasbachwalden has been nominated the prettiest villages in Germany some years ago.

Flower decorations

Sasbachwalden distinguishes itself by its heritage timber frame houses and the unique flower decorations. 
The wines 'Alde Gott"  are broadly known and received multiple nominations.

It stretches across 4 climatic zones from 172 m upto 1164 m altitude from the 'Badische Weinstrasse' up to the 'Schwarzwaldhochstrasse'. It lays on the sunny side of the Black Forest and is only a stone's throw away from the new Black Forest National Park.

Sasbachwalden is surrounded by extended old growth forests, green wine yards and fruit tree lawns. The unique site of the village in the submountany zone invites for a rest and recreation as well as for active fitness.


Gaishöll cascades

historical Straubenhof mill


wayside shrine 'Alde Gott'

view into Sasbachwalden